old releases

here you will find old releases which are not available at any platform anymore. To be honest – some sounds creepy and crappy 🙂
But its my history of music production, so if you are not afraid about an non standard quality your are at the right place my friend 😉
The most tracks was produced between 2001 and 2011 around – maybe a bit later. I will try to sort that out and will also pin a genre anywhere (to protect you and your neighbours) If you read the genre Speedcore or Gabber its a good idea to turn down the volume of your speakers a bit – especialy if you own large subby things. 😉

Discogs – Noizetraume Part 2 – Track 3 (Fuck the Nazism)
Discogs – Totschlag Records Ultra Speedcore – Track CD 1 – 14 (Bring the Terror back)

HeLLCore – Selens Enterdream (TerrorRMX)
unkown release date

was a remix with an mp3.de member Genre wise its gabber (I think)

„HeLLCore – My little Gabber Drum(long)“
released ~2001

no questions please

„HeLLCore – Bells of Terror“
released ~2002

hardcore / gabber – still like this thing 🙂

„HeLLCore – Bassdrumbattle“
released ~2002

maybe hardcore genre – difficult – only bassdrums there

„HeLLCore – Gore for my Core“
released ~2002


HeLLCore – Yellow Speed
unkown release date

speedcore / gabber

HeLLCore – Speed Breakz
released ~2002

kind of Breakcore

HeLLCore – Dark Spells
unknown release date

some kind of darkcore / hard core

„HeLLCore_-_SCB-Trackprojekt 2“
unknown release date

this was a trackproject for the well known Speedcore Board (an awsome community!). There was given samples and no further Instruments or samples was allowed. TBH its a bad result

„Hellcore – N0Iz0ID“
released ~2002

gabber speedcore track – still like this one

„Hellcore – Kriegskinder“
released ~2002

simple gabber

„HeLLCore – Synthetic Inferno“
– released ~2003

Don´t ask! I was young…. sounds like Acidcore (from the very old days). Yes, the production equipment was cheap.

„HeLLCore – Confused (preview)“ from Firstrike
– released mid 2003.

Yeah… ehm… I am a bit confused by listing this one – dont know what it is but it has distortet Drums (non 4 beat).

„HeLLCore – Speednoize (preview)“.
– was released mid 2003. You will hear whats seen in the tracktitle.