current releases

Gates of Hell
#hellcore – hybrid, distortion, breaks

Hereos I
… an oldschool synth track

…. restarting the Hellcore sound – more things to come

is a test howto design patches on the Korg modwave, was very inspiring so I recorded the result directly:

Looking forward
…. and hope for more – Synthwave

New Horizons EP
10 Tracks about our solar system and some different Stuff. From Synthwave to Big Beat like to Synthwave with Classic Elements.

its a bit unusual stuff – maybe experimental breakbeat.

is a Synthtrack made only with the Argon 8 from modalelectroncis.

When we was young
is an 80s style synthtrack…. enjoy

Shake it Girl
this time its more an EDM track….

is a Synthtrack with rich pads, a drum set and a 303. Genre wise its more Ambient, Electro maybe acid.

is a Synthwave track.

Licht und Schatten
is a short synthwave track.