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  • Update 01/24/2022

    upload a small synthwave/pop track „looking forward“

  • Update 10/07/2021

    long time no updates – I know.I am working hard to publish an EP with 10 tracks 🙂Almost done – some tracks needs a few additional work (I guess – not satisfied yet with them) and mix and master needs to be finished too.Currently I jumping daily from track to track and do polishing 🙂

  • Update 03/11/2021

    ye ye…. I know – there are no Updates on this website – it means it´s death, right? Wrong! 🙂 Working on a bigger Update. Not sure about the release time yet.The difficulty is, that my Life is more than music making. Means, of course I have a job to do. I have 3 kids…

  • Update 09/26/2020

    uploaded some tracks and infos to the old releases.I do not remember at all release dates but all should be released between 2000 and 2004.There exists no other copy anymore (no wave files, no stems, no song sources). Everything lost with an computer defect and there was no backup (of course).

  • Update 09/10/2020

    Will update the old releases day by day. Maybe there are additional categories required. Will see.If anybody is confused – stay confused 😉 Working on additional tracks, have a few in the pipeline – will see if that are only ideas or if I can bring it to a finished product. More Updates will follow…

  • I AM BACK!

    start producing again…. more Info etc. coming soon….